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Saturday, May 28

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    The year has finally come to an end. High school graduation is around the corner and the seniors at Wendell Phillips Academy are excited. Adrenaline will rush through the veins of the seniors as their names are called upon receiving their diplomas. Graduation is the action of receiving or conferring an academic degree or the ceremony that is sometimes associated, where students become graduates. Parents are excited to see their child(ren) take their official step into the real world. The smiles upon the parents face as their child's name is being called to grab that diploma, their hearts melt and they are very proud. Attending Wendell Phillips as a senior I'm also very excited and so I asked my following peers how do they feel about graduation also?
    Cari Bryant: “Yes, I’m ready to get it over with so I can never have to think about how weak my senior year was in this school”!!!
    Mikyla Jones: “I’m anxious for it to get here”!!!
    Tatianna Fulton: "I'm ready for it to get over with because my mother is throwing me a block party"

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